Artwork Guidelines

artwork-guidelinesWe can create a beautiful lapel pin or medallion from just about any artwork. Even if all you have is an idea, our art department can create a design for your organization.

All artwork will receive your signed approval before we go to production, ensuring your total satisfaction with the design.

By sending us the best artwork you have available, you will help us to meet and exceed your design objectives. To ensure the fastest possible processing of your order, please note the following simple guidelines for artwork.

Image Requirements

  • Lapel pin art should be 400% actual size.
  • At 400%, the outside borders of the design should be at least 6 pt. Inside lines should be 2 pt and type 22 pt.
  • For medallions or other larger items artwork should be at least 200% size.
  • Black and white camera-ready art is best. Color designs can be sent in addition to the black and white designs, but we prefer you do not send color designs alone.
  • Artwork can be mailed, emailed or faxed to us in Windows format, only.
  • Windows File formats, in order of preference:
    1. Vector drawings:CorelDraw!, Adobe Illustrator, EPS, WMF (please save text as curves)
    2. Bitmaps: JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP (make sure these are at least 400% size)

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