Cloisonné Laser Printed

Show Stunning Colour

These are top quality pins; great for an award or recognition. Bold designs show stunning color. Cloisonné pins provide colors with a hard, glass-like finish that will look great for years to come. Laser printing on top of Cloisonné allows sharp detail, without any gold border between colors.

“The addition of Laser printing on a Cloisonné pin makes a great pin even better!
Use Laser printing where fine detailing is required.”


  • Most durable color finish (longest lasting)
  • Great color seperation for bold designs
  • Available in any shape
  • Smooth jewelry-like finish with glass-like filled colors
  • No need for a gold border between colors
  • Great readability for printed words


  • These pins show sharp contrast between colors. Logos stand out well and text is easy to read.
  • Colors are almost unlimited.
  • Fine details of a design will show up well with this type of pin.
  • Remember: Simplicity is the essence of good design.

Don’t know what you want?

We can suggest the best type of pin for your needs, help you create a design, even help you choose the colors. We will work together with you to find the right product for your design and your needs. Whether you want use your existing logo, or you want some design ideas, we are here to help make it right. We have an in-house design team, and most artwork is done here at no cost to you.

How Are They Made?

Cloisonné pins are die-struck from a copper bronze surface. A die is created to imprint your design into the metal. The outline of the pin and any cut-outs are then cut with another mold. Colors are hand-filled with a powdered glass-like mixture. Colors are fired one at a time at 1,600 F for two to four minutes. This two step process insures that bleeding of colors does not occur. Your additional design elements are then Laser printed directly onto the pins. Next, the pins are individually hand polished and if any metal areas are left showing they will be gold or silver plated.
All items are inspected twice before delivery: once at the factory, and again by our sales staff before shipping.

How to Buy!

Contact our sales representatives (Canada East Rep or Canada West Rep) for personal one-on-one help. You can also fill out our request for quote form: just answer a few simple questions, provide us with your artwork or a sketch of the design, if available, and one of our sales professionals will send you your custom price quote – usually the same day.

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