Die Struck Soft Enamel

Full Colour Pins for Any Budget (2-Stars)

die-struck-soft-enamel-quality-valueAlways in high demand, Die Struck Soft-Enamel metal pins provide an accurate relief finish of your design, with recessed areas filled with your choice of colours. Those on a tight budget appreciate the value of this pin.

“With the right design, these pins can look good at a very affordable price.
Soft Enamel Lapel Pins are a very popular choice as give-aways.”


  • Lowest price of all our pin types!
  • Pins can be stamped into copper or iron
  • Relief finish and filled colors can accurately reproduce simple designs
  • Plating metals for raised areas include Gold, Antique gold,
    silver, nickel, black nickel, and copper
  • Cut-out shapes and tooling available


  • Best-suited to designs with clearly separated colors and relatively simple designs.
  • Tooling (cut-outs) can emphasize text or logos.
  • A single color for all recessed areas, combined with the highly polished raised areas suits many designs.
  • Remember: Simplicity is the essence of good design.

Don’t know what you want?

We can suggest the best type of pin for your needs, help you create a design, even help you choose the colors. We will work together with you to find the right product for your design and your needs. Whether you want use your existing logo, or you want some design ideas, we are here to help make it right. We have an in-house design team, and most artwork is done here at no cost to you.

How Are They Made?

A die is cut to the image of your design (repeat orders save on this step!!). Your image is stamped on the sheet of iron or copper. Copper is a softer metal and allows a sharper image at a slighly higher cost than iron. Cutting molds are made seperately, and the pins are cut out to the outline of the desing shape.

Plating is done next. The indentations are then filled with the enamel colors. Colors are inserted by hand, one at a time, using different sized syringes. Excess colors are wiped off the raised metal surfaces. The pins are then fired at 450°F for 12 to 15 minutes. An optional epoxy protective coating (dome) can then be applied to protect the color enamels from fading or cracking over time.

All items are inspected twice before delivery: once at the factory, and again by our sales staff before shipping.

How to Buy!

Order now by contacting one of our sales representatives (Canada East Rep or Canada West Rep). You can also fill out our request for quote form: just answer a few simple questions, provide us with your artwork or a sketch of the design, if available, and one of our sales professionals will send you your custom price quote – usually the same day.

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