Cross Flag Lapel Pins

Cross Flags Pins

Cross Flag Lapel Pins, also called Friendship Flag Pins, are 1 1/4″ in size (longest dimension), of solid metal, and are colour enamel filled with a 18kt gold plated finish. The crossed-flag lapel pins signify the importance of ties between the two nations, and make for a great event give-away.

Friendship flag pins are available for a wide set of nations, including Brazil, Canada, China, Cuba, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Scotland, Spain, USA, UK, Singapore, Switzerland and Taiwan. If you need a cross flag lapel pin for a country that we don’t stock, or if you need a special design, our team will help you create a custom friendship pin.

To order cross flag lapel pins please contact a sales team.

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